Places to visit near our Dungarvan Public House

Our guest accommodation is perfectly located for anyone holidaying in West Waterford. You are only minutes drive away from some of Ireland’s most historic and pictueresque villages and towns.

Ardmore – 14 Miles / 22.5 Km
The seaside village of Ardmore has a completely relaxed atmosphere and is steeped in history. St. Declan, the patron Saint brought Christianity to the South-East in 416 A.D. The Round Tower which is 29 meters high overlooks a beautiful bay, sandy beaches and a quiet picturesque village. It is also a winner of Ireland’s tidiest village award. The 3 mile scenic Cliff Walk adjacent to the village is particularly stunning. It is also remarkably endowed with a proliferation of small owner-run food establishments and pubs with music and ballads. When you visit Ardmore be sure to visit the famous Ardmore Pottery & craft gallery.

Cappoquin – 11 Miles / 18 Km
Cappoquin, situated in the heart of West Waterford, nestles at the foot of the Knockmealdown mountains in the Blackwater valley. West Waterford is one of the unspoilt areas of Ireland, with beautiful scenery, a variety of amenities and a range of activities for visitors and locals alike. The River Blackwater is Ireland’s third largest river. At Cappoquin the river makes a 90 degree southerly turn towards the estuary at Youghal. The waters are tidal and fresh salmon and sea trout are constantly running. Fishing opens from the 1st of February and closes on the 30th September each year.

Lismore – 15.5 miles / 25 Km Website:
Lismore is one of the most historic towns in Waterford. The name Lismore comes from two words – Lis meaning Fort and Mor meaning great. It’s meaning is derived from the round hill or great Irish fort to the east of the town. The two chief points of interest in Lismore are St. Carthages Cathedral and Lismore Castle. The Cathedral crowns the summit of a hill and is on all sides surrounded by foliage. The church yard is full of graves – here lie the bones of nobles, soldiers, traders of the high and humble born.

In 636 AD St. Carthage founded a monastery here. The town after its monastic foundation became a seat of learning and was known all over Europe. During the 9th century and beginning of the 10th century the town was repeatedly plunged by the Danes. In 978 the men of Ossory burnt the monastery. However in spite of being sacked more than once by the Vikings and other alien tribes, the monastery managed to retain its influence in Munster until the arrival of the Normans in 1172. The Cathedral is a short walk from Lismore Castle which was built by Prince John of England in 1185.

Lismore Heritage Centre
There’s no better place to learn about Lismore than by taking our and Virtual Reality Castle Experience which is the only way to catch a glimpse inside the walls of the magnificent Lismore castle.

Explore Lismore town and its stunning architecture and take in the breath-taking views on our guided walking tours while immersing yourself in stories from Pre Christianity to the golden age of Hollywood.

Meanwhile, our in-house Escape Room is fun for the whole family, will you beat the clock?

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Copper Coast Geopark – 8.5 Miles / 13.5 Km
The towns located in the Copper Coast Geopark include Fenor, Annestown, Dunhill, Boatstrand, Bunmahon, Stradbally and Kilmacthomas. The road between Tramore and Dungarvan passes through six small villages and shows off glorious views of towering cliffs, sandy coves and caves, all against the brooding backdrop of the Comeragh mountains – This is the Copper Coast.

This is an area which richly rewards time spent in exploration. As well as the rugged coastline with its string of little coves, caves and harbours you can visit, in the surrounding area, forests, rivers, bogs and lakes or search out historical sites and monuments dating back as far as 5000 years. Naturally, geologically, archaeologically fascinating; also just a really nice place to be. So stay awhile, ask around and discover the Copper Coast.

Tramore – 26 Miles / 42 Km
Tramore is one the South East’s liveliest holiday resort, amenities include sea and freshwater angling, canoeing, diving, surfing and sailing. Adjacent to Tramore’s famous amusement park you can find an excellent indoor swimming pool and leisure complex.